Conceived and nurtured into existence by Kristin Williams, certified Reiki III Master/Teacher and Angel Therapy practitioner, Parallel Healing was established to help spread comfort, enlightenment, and a sense of well-being through the use of Reiki and Angel Reading Therapy to those in need of it’s abundant blessings.

Parallel Healing offers two therapeutic methods depending on an individual’s needs or desires. The first, Reiki, is an effective, holistic approach to stress reduction and/or pain management. During a Reiki session, Kristin works to rejuvenate a person’s seven major Chakras located between the crown of the head and the body’s mid-section. By clearing the Chakras of all obstructions, and allowing each to radiate with Universe life force energy, the effects can result in positive change within an individual by enabling them to “let go” or release themselves from habitual patterns; especially patterns that may have negative effects on the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

The second healing method, Angel Reading, is rather a different approach. By channeling loving and divine messages from one’s personal angels, Angel Reading, also referred to as Angel Work, helps establish inner-peace and promotes deliverance from negative feelings such as worry, guilt, or sense of loss. Like Reiki, Angel Reading initiates positive change within an individual, but can also result in personal enlightenment, a better understanding of one’s purpose in life, or aid in releasing self-inflicted burdens. In fact, clients have stated they feel as if a giant weight has been lifted after receiving a full Angel Work session.

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